StudES World caffee

World caffee entitled “Improving Pharmacy Teaching” was held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Pharmacy at the end of June. The workshop brought together teachers, assistants and students, who in an inspiring atmosphere were able to discuss and exchange experiences and ideas related to online teaching and learning. 

The ERASMUS+ StudES project was presented, and some related material was shared with the participants. Guidelines for organizing good online lectures  “Digital tool for teaching and learning”, developed as a part of Intelectual Oputput 2 of StudES Project, were disseminated among participants. We were happy to host our guests, prof. dr. Milana Stančić and prof. dr. Mirjana Senić Ružić from the Faculty of Philosophy, who selflessly shared their great knowledge and experience in the field of pedagogy. 

The topics discussed were: 

1. Curriculum improvement, vertical and horizontal linking of teaching content (moderators: Jelena Parojčić and Snežana Savić) 

2. Innovative teaching methods, connecting on-line and on-site teaching (moderators Mirjana Senić and Ana Protić) 

3. Wellbeing and success of students (moderators Milan Stančić and Anđelija Malenović) 

More than 40 teachers, assistants and students had the opportunity to participate in the workshop and along with the moderators to come up with constructive solutions for some of the recognized problems. 

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